TREND-I: Doppelhandtuchhalter, grün

Artikelnummer: 104104058A
TREND-I: Doppelhandtuchhalter, grün


Be TRENDy and add colour to your mornings in the bathroom. Accessories from this playful and fresh collection will certainly help you with that. Handles, holders, hangers and other products are available in nine shades of colour, which can be originally combined and possibly matched with wall and floor tiling. Play with the harmony of tones or, if you prefer, use the power of contrasts. One way or another, you will enliven the space and give it a creative touch.

Zusätzliche Parameter

Kategorie: Handtuchhalter
Oberflächenbehandlung: Verchromt
Farbe: Silber, Grün
Produktlinie: TREND-I
Gewicht: 0.52 kg
Tiefe: 110 mm
Breite: 655 mm
Höhe: 55 mm
Volumen: ml
Technische Spezifikation: rucniku dvojity.pdf

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